Monday, June 2, 2014

Links but No Update for June 1, 2014

[There is no Update this week; we'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Digging up the Dirt on Canadian Mining in Latin America

Self-Determination as Anti-Extractivism: How Indigenous Resistance Challenges World Politics (Latin America)

Argentina Reaches Paris Club Debt Deal without IMF Intervention; Creditors Come Under Fire

Fuerza Valpo! Solidarity, Resistance, and Recovery In the Wake of Valparaíso Fires (Chile)

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Left Out of Chilean Boom

Chile ends Pinochet embezzlement investigation

Brazil’s World Cup 2014: Private Security “Made ​​in the USA”

Mining and Colonialism in Brazil’s Giant Carajás Project

Indigenous People Denounce Aggressions at Belo Monte (Brazil)

Ecuador Pushes for Greater South-South Cooperation and Stronger Public Disability Assistance Policies

Ecuador issues arrest warrant for former president

Colombia’s U’was Say No to Gas Drilling in Their Territory

Colombia: left parties throw support behind Santos

Colombia: protest, rebel attacks depress oil output

Ahead of House Vote, Members of Congress Warn Sanctions Could Undermine Dialogue in Venezuela

Venezuelan Peasants Protest Supreme Court Decision to Return Lands to Agribusiness

Venezuelan Government Exposes Plot to Assassinate President Maduro, Opposition Rejects Charges

Rural Communities Push El Salvador Towards Ban on Mining

108 Members of Congress Urge Action on Political Repression and Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

La Puya Peaceful Mining Resistance Dismantled by Force (Guatemala)

Guatemalan anti-mine protest vigil dispersed

NAFTA, Insecurity, Power Vacuums y Violence in Rural Mexico

Michoacán: ex-vigilantes register weapons (Mexico)

Mexico: battle for Tamaulipas begins?

Mexico’s Oil Privatization: Risky Business

A Bad Day or a New Bloodbath? (Mexico)

Farewell, Subcomandante (Mexico)

Subcomandante Marcos Is No More (Mexico)

Subcommander Marcos 'ceases to exist'

Revised Deadly Force Policies Unveiled (US/immigration)

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