Sunday, January 5, 2014

Links but No Update for January 5, 2014

[We continue to have problems with computer replacement. We hope to resume full publication soon.]

Drone Use Soars in Latin America, Remains Widely Unregulated

Land Conflicts in Argentina: From Resistance to Systemic Transformation

Chile: 'Caravan of Death' perps guilty of murder

Paraguay: Woman at the center of resistance

Brazilian Ruralists Hold ‘Auction for Resistance’ Against Indigenous Land Claims

Brazil: indigenous reserve attacked in Amazon

Brazil: GuaranĂ­ prepared to die for demarcation

Was Snowden’s Letter to Brazil a Quid-Pro-Quo Offer?

Bolivia: Presidente Evo’s Double Christmas Bonus

Close the NGOs: Asserting Sovereignty or Eroding Democracy? (Bolivia/Ecuador)

Peru: Police Abuse in the Pay of Mining Companies

Peru: controversial copper project moves ahead

US Government Misled Public on Critical Role in Colombia’s 2008 Illegal Cross-border Attack

The U.S. Multibillion “Black Budget” War in Colombia

Colombia: photos link Uribe to narcos, paras

ELN bombsColombia oil pipeline infrastructure

Colombia: US suspends spraying after pilots downed

Colombia: intensified violence against labor leaders

Venezuelan Government to “Establish New Economic Order” Next Year after 56.2% Inflation in 2013

Outrage Following Honduran Colonel‘s Attack against U.S. Human Rights Defender

Mexican Congress Passes Energy Reform Law: Oil, Gas, and Electric Open to Foreign Investment

No Golden Pond for NAFTA Generation Retirees (Mexico)

The EZLN - A look at its History (Part 3): The Option for the Poor

Chiapas: Zapatistas mark 20 years of rebellion (Mexico)

New Forms of Revolution (Part 1): The Lacandona Commune (Mexico)

Teacher Dissidents Continue Protests, Plan Convention to Chart Future (Mexico)

UNESCO concerned that mining projects threaten sacred sites essential for the Wixárika pilgrimage to Wirikuta (Mexico)

AID Takes Step Toward Greater Transparency, Reveals Low Levels of Local Procurement (Haiti)

Taino Rising (Puerto Rico)

Book Review: Undoing Border Imperialism (immigration)

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