Monday, June 17, 2013

Links but No Update for June 16, 2013

[There is no Update this week; we'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

João Pedro Stédile of Brazil's Landless Movement: The Integration of Capital vs. the Integration of Peoples in the Americas

Argentina: ex-president gets prison term —almost

First Prisoners’ Trade Union Defends Rights in Argentina

Argentine high court unfreezes Chevron assets

Bolivia: how many indigenous nationalities?

Peru: Setback in the implementation of the Prior Consultation law

Peru Backslides on Indigenous Rights

Peru: demands emerge for 'plurinational state'

Peru: is Conga project cancelled?

How the Correa Government is Neoliberalizing Ecuador’s Mining Legislation

After Chavez: Grassroots Fight on Despite Opposition’s War of Attrition

Nicaragua approves China-backed canal plan

Bad Cop, No Dollar (Honduras)

Leaked State Department Memo’s “DEA Shootings in Honduras” Portion, Dissected

Land Grabs, the Latest Form of Genocide in Guatemala

Guatemala militarized after armed attack

Guilty in Guatemala

Rule of U.S. Law in Mexico

Like During Spanish Colonialism, Looting Indian Gold (Mexico)

Photo Essay: Mexico Celebrates World Day Against Monsanto

Sonora Highway Blockades to Continue (Mexico)

Pivotal Border Elections (Mexico)

Belize’s Conservation Balancing Act

Slum will cost "hundreds of millions" (Haiti)

New Details Emerge on Elimination Plan as Cholera Continues to Spread (Haiti)

Delegation Finds Militarization Causes Suffering, Family Separation and Death at the Border (US/immigration)

Food Aid Reform Becomes More Urgent as Food Insecurity and Malnutrition Increase (Haiti)

Arizona Border Deaths Detailed (US/immigration)

Beyond Borders: Culture, Movement, and Bedlam on Both Sides of the Rio Grande

On the Migrant Trail: Beauty and War in the U.S. Borderlands (Photo Essay,US/immigration)

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