Monday, May 21, 2012

Links but No Update for May 20, 2012

[There is no Update this week; we'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Buenos Aires Offers Same-Sex Marriage to Foreign Couples

Repsol Sues Argentina for $10 Billion Over YPF Nationalization

Belo Monte: Brazil's Damned Democracy

Chile’s Native Communities Find Ally in Supreme Court; Canadian Mining Project Halted

Chile Commemorates International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia

Israeli power company expands in Peru —but gets nationalized in Bolivia

Peru: army, cabinet shake-up in fallout from Amazon hostage crisis

Peru: Asháninka indigenous people fight hydro scheme in new war zone

Peru: Humala Takes Off His Gloves

Colombia: Community Takes on Uribe and Allies Over Controversial Tunnel

Colombia's Resistance to Corporate Mining Excess has Lessons for the World

Venezuelan Authorities Regain Control of La Planta Prison after Violence

Venezuela demands extradition of exiled judge from US

CNN: The Latest Outlet for Roger Noriega’s Paranoid Speculations (Venezuela)

Consequences of the Military Occupation in Honduras

Honduras: A Violence, Repression and Impunity Capital of the World

Honduras: angry protests on Miskito Coast over US militarization

Collateral Damage (Honduras)

Honduras: campesinos protest hydro-electric plan that would flood their lands

Mexican Families March on Mother’s Day on Behalf of Disappeared Relatives

Mexico: crackdown on armed forces narco links?

Mexico: journalists targeted in wave of torture killings

Mexico’s Cananea Strikers: Fighting for the Right to a Union

Another Score for the Tiger of the Monsanto Law (Mexico)

Judge Rejects Declassification Of CIA Volume On Bay of Pigs (Cuba)

Streamlining the Border Patrol (Immigration)

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