Friday, December 24, 2010

Links but No Update for December 26, 2010

[There is no Update this week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

South America: Unity for Strength in Wake of Crisis

Former Junta Leader of Argentina Jorge Rafael Videla Sentenced To Life In Prison

Anarchist cell claims Rome embassy attacks (Chile)

The Legacy of the Nueva Canción: An Interview with Patricio Manns (Chile)

Dirty Tricks in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit

Venezuela Approves Changes In Media Laws; Chávez Critics Worry About Free Speech

Salvadoran Gov't Says 50 Migrants Abducted in Oaxaca

Guatemala Declares State Of Siege Due To Zeta Presence Near Mexican Border

Mexican Politician Diego Fernández de Cevallos Freed After Seven Months

Honda Workers in Mexico Face Repression, Firings

Mexico: Days of Action, 14-19 February 2011

US Weapons Fuel Mexican Drug Wars

Cuba: Urban Tribes Prowl Havana Nights

Behind the cholera epidemic

Free Oscar! Join the Petition Campaign (Puerto Rico)

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