Monday, January 25, 2010

Links but No Update for January 24, 2010

[We are again unable to send out an Update, but we hope to be back on schedule next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

German court issues arrest warrant for Argentine "Dirty War" junta leader

Who Lost Chile? Conservative Multi-Millionaire is President Elect

For Chile’s Wealthy President-Elect, Victory Spells Huge Payoff

Rio de Janeiro: Control of the Poor Seen as Crucial for the Olympics

Brazil’s World Cup Development Debacle

Peru: indigenous leaders reject Bagua massacre report; García intransigent

The Commission of Inquiry's Report on the Violent Events in Bagua, Peru: A Truth Commission with Little Truth

Ecuador: Politics Closes Indigenous Shuar Radio

Venezuela: protests as cable TV stations ordered closed

Venezuela: stores raided for price gouging following devaluation

Voices of Participatory Democracy in Venezuela: A Review of Venezuela Speaks! Voices from the Grassroots

Panama: Supreme Court declines to hear Noriega extradition appeal

Costa-Rica: Last-Ditch Leftwing Alliance to 'Save' the Country

A Nicaraguan Farce

El Salvador: Fallen Anti-Mining Activists Honored with Vigil

An Electoral Defeat for Democracy: The Regional Implications of the Honduran Vote

Honduras: whither amnesty?

Honduras: prosecutors charge military officials for Zelaya ouster

Honduras: arson attack on Garifuna community radio station

Canada, Honduras and the Coup d’Etat

Honduras: Entrenched Corruption Stymies Hope

Honduras: Zelaya's Safety Ensured by Ban on Pen Deliveries to Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa

Honduras: Why Do Garifuna Community Radios Burn?

Guatemala: murdered lawyer planned his own death

Assassinations Continue in Guatemala

US seeks extradition of Guatemalan ex-president on money laundering

Angels in Guatemala: Confronting a Legacy of Official Terror

Mexico: 23 dead in Durango prison riot

Mexico: 860 more army troops to Tijuana

Mexico: body of kidnapped journalist found

Mexico: more hideous narco-violence

Mexico: Corporate Hit Men Find New Ways to Turn a Profit

Cuban Musicians Resuming U.S. Performances

New airline passenger screening unconstitutional: rights groups

Haiti earthquake refugees may not migrate to US: Napolitano

Haiti: US, UN beef up troop strength

Doctors Without Borders plane repeatedly diverted from landing in Haiti

Haiti: reports of violence, fears of "undercover occupation"

Nicaragua's Ortega raises specter of US occupation in Haiti

Haiti: eye-witness to devastation

Singing and praying at night in Port-au-Prince

Day Two in Port-au-Prince: "Young men with crowbars"

Day Three in Port-au-Prince: "A difficult situation"

Profiting From Haiti’s Crisis

US puts removal of undocumented Haitians on hold

Haitian earthquake refugees to Guantánamo?

Emergency earthquake relief for Haiti

Support Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti: anger rises as food aid mired in bureaucracy

Israel exploits Haiti for propaganda ...and Sri Lanka?

UN report: indigenous peoples threatened worldwide

Muscling Latin America

Canada's Long Road to Mining Reform

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