Monday, August 17, 2009

Links but No Update for August 16, 2009

[We are unable to send out an Update this week. We'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Perspectives and Challenges in Mercosur: An Interview with Carlos Alvarez of Mercosur

Argentine Factory Wins Legal Battle: FASINPAT Zanon Belongs to the People

The Condemned of Buenos Aires

The Other Chile: Following Victor Jara's Songs

Chile: Mapuche Activist's Death Heats Up Conflict

Bolivia Prescribes Solidarity: Health Care Reform under Evo Morales

Peru: police use tear gas against Pisco road blockades

"Swine flu" hits indigenous peoples in Peruvian Amazon

Peru: aerial photos reveal loggers inside uncontacted tribes' territory

Obama's Choice: New Documents Show United States Seeks Colombian Bases for Training and Operations

Colombia: U.S. Bases Stoke the Flames of Regional Conflict

Colombia: Spying on Human Rights Defenders

Invasive Illegal Intelligence Gathering Threatens Colombian Union and Human Rights Leaders

Video Report: Gold, Impunity and Violence in Cabañas, El Salvador

Another Anti-mining Activist Shot in Cabañas El Salvador, Hitman Tied to Pacific Rim is Detained

Military Forces Sow Terror and Fear in Honduras

Honduras: Obama Administration Restating Its Position?

Action Alert: Attack Against Offices of Vía Campesina in Honduras

Honduras: The Frontline in the Battle for Democracy

“The Only Crime” in Honduras

Demand Fair Reporting on Honduras

Honduras: repression continues; Obama acquiescing in coup?

International PEN Protests Sentencing of Guatemalan Publisher

Mexico: sentences overturned in Acteal massacre

Mexico's Human Rights Record Comes Under Fire in U.S. Congress

Lack of Leadership at the North American Leaders Summit

Rethinking Hazardous Waste under NAFTA

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