Monday, November 24, 2008

Links but no Update for November 23, 2008

[Due to other commitments, we are again unable to send out an Update. We'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Ex-Argentine police commander in televised suicide

Bolivia: martial law lifted in Pando; prefect still imprisoned

Bolivia: Reform and Reaction in the Hemisphere

Bolivia's Evo Morales seeks "improved relations" with Obama White House

007 Bolivian socialist?

The United States Orchestrating a Civic Coup in Bolivia\

Bush protested at Lima APEC summit

Peru: "If I Don't Come Back, Look For Me in Putis"

Copper Mesa Mining Expected to Lose Junin Project in Ecuador

Mass Indigenous Protest In Defense of Water Caps Week of Mobilizations in Ecuador

In Ecuador, Mass Mobilizations Against Mining Confront President Correa

Colombia: indigenous march arrives in Bogotá

Eric Holder: death-squad defender

Obama's AG Pick Defended Chiquita in Death Squad Case

Colombia: protests after arrest of populist outlaw banker

Colombia declares state of emergency over financial scams

Colombia: coke users snort rainforest

Venezuela: Elections Will Put Chávez to the Test

Venezuela: elections mandate or "hard blow" for Chávez?

Post-electoral violence continues in Nicaragua

Six beheaded in Guatemala prison riot\

El Salvador: FMLN Starts Out Ahead

El Salvador: Company Promoters Shred Social Fabric of Communities

Despite National and Global Distractions, the Popular Minga Marches on to Bogotá

What's Driving El Salvador's Left Turn?

Mexico's ex-drug czar busted for cartel collaboration

Obama: ominous appointments for Homeland Security, NSC

Obama and Myths of Racial Democracy

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