Monday, October 6, 2008

Links but no Update for October 5, 2008

[Due to other commitments, we are unable to send out an Update this week. We'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Argentina: farmers strike again

Argentina: The Crisis That Isn't

President of Paraguay Turns Down Meeting with Sarah Palin

Cooperation as Rebellion: Creating Sustainable Agriculture in Paraguay

Brazil: rate of Amazon destruction increases

Bolivia: Evo bars DEA overflights

Bolivia in Dialogue: Between Hope and Civil War

New Ecuadorian Constitution Approved by Strong Majority, President Correa
Claims "Historic Victory"

Colombian army chief accused of arming paramilitaries

Colombia: wave of violence and threats against popular leaders

Colombia: war refugees reach two-decade peak

Another Indigenous Leader Assassinated in Colombia

Violence Against Activists in Colombia Grows

Venezuelan State Oil Company's Growing Presence in Latin America

Venezuela: The New York Times' Real Feelings on Term Limits

Photo Essay: Water Tribunal in Guatemala Condemns Goldcorp... Again

Mexico: campesino self-immolation in Veracruz

Mexico: narco-killing spree shakes Tijuana

Chomsky: Latin American Unity

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