Monday, November 18, 2013

Links but No Update for November 17, 2013

[There is no Update this week; we'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Newly Discovered Military Archives May Throw Light on Past Abuses in Argentina

Visibility from High-Profile Human Rights Inquiries Trickles Down in Chile

NACLA-CLACS Conversation with Carlos PĂ©rez Guartambel: Indigenous Resistance in the Andes (Ecuador)

Ecuador high court halves judgment against Chevron

Water Festival of El Carmen de Viboral: Communities Resist Water Privatization and Multinational Mining in Colombia

Leader Opposed to Colombian Mining Project Murdered

Aerial Fumigations and its Discontents (Colombia)

Putting Profits over People: Extractivism and Human Rights in Colombia

Partial Accord: FARC’s Christmas Gift to Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia)

Mass Mobilization against Healthcare Reform Storms Through Colombia

Venezuelan Meat Packing Workers Protest Abuses Following Alleged Repression

Report: Hydroelectric Dam would Wipe Out Indigenous Tribes in Guyana

US Congress Continues to Slam Political Repression Ahead of Honduran Elections

Canada Signs Free Trade Deal with Honduras amid Pre-electoral Repression

Honduras: A Partial Victory for the Campaign to Free “Chavelo” Morales

Mexico Forced Displacement on OAS Agenda

The High Cost of Candy: Death Toll Climbs in Factory Disaster (Mexico)

Mexico's Blood Banks

Mexico narco networks inside and outside prisons

Stand With Haitian Workers for a Living Wage!

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