Monday, March 16, 2009

Links but no Update for March 15, 2009

[Due to other commitments, we are unable to send out an Update. We'll be back next week. Below are links to stories from other sources.]

Argentina: Judicial Law Ends Insider Trials, Decriminalizes Homosexuality in Military

Paraguay: ranchers threaten uncontacted peoples

Brazil: rural women protest pulp plantation

Landless Women Launch Protests Across Brazil

Integration and the Environment on the Rio Madeira

Evo Morales chews coca at UN drug summit

Bolivia: another US diplomat expelled; CIA design on hydrocarbons seen

Peru: mass grave uncovered

Ecuador's Ecological Action group ordered closed

Ecuador oil spill affects 47 indigenous communities

Ecuador freezes oil income from firm slated for massive Peru contract

The Ecuador Solidarity Network stands with Acción Ecológica!

Colombia's Magic Laptops and the War Against Social Movements

Is the US Giving Colombian "Drug Lords" A Free Pass on Worse Crimes?

Chávez pledges to repel Colombian military incursion

Indigenous Panamanians Defend Nature Against Speculators' Violent Onslaughts

Take Action: U.S. Congressmen Interfere in El Salvador Election

Experts Urge State Dept. to Denounce Dirty Campaign in El Salvador

US pledges to respect neutrality in Salvador elections —despite GOP bluster

Salvadoran Election Climate: Evidence that “Washington’s Policies Have Been Buried on Wall Street?”

Salvadorans march against free trade deal with Europe

FMLN takes Salvadoran elections, pledges "peace and reconciliation"

Democracy Promotion in El Salvador: Elections 2009

Groundbreaking Arrest Made in Guatemalan Disappearance Case

Mapping Controversy in Oaxaca: Interview with Aldo Gonzalez, Director of UNOSJO

Mullen mulls Mexico intervention

Mexico tops agenda for new Drug Czar

Drug War Doublespeak

Trading our Way Out of the Financial Crisis: The Need for WTO Reform

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